Brotherhood > Everything Else

With the Salaam Cup creeping up ever so quickly, the executive team here at the Mavericks have a few words to share. While there is a strong emphasis on winning the Cup in all divisions and bringing the glory home, we cannot overstate the importance of brotherhood in sport. This is, after all, literally the “Peace” Cup.

Core to the Mavericks philosophy and mission statement, we emphasize the values of brotherhood and peace before all else. Winning is not and will not be the end all be all for the team if animosity arises from the tournament. We strive to reiterate to all players, parents, coaches, and fans that enmity and recklessness will NOT be tolerated.


To the players, you have the full support of your administration and coaches granted that you adhere to the rules of the tournament and do not engage in bullying your team mates and/or opposing players. We would like to see all teams hoist the Cup; earned by hard work and fair play.

To the parents, we look to you to cheer on the young Mavs while maintaining a healthy spirit of competition. Harassment of any kind against players, coaches, and opposing teams will NOT be tolerated.

When all is said and done, the Mavericks organization hopes to walk away from this tournament with our heads held high, win or lose. We encourage all individuals to strengthen inter-community bonds and engage in building the foundation for future success.



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