Founded in 2009, the Malton Mavericks organization has experienced impressive growth, evolving from a small group of street ball hockey enthusiasts into a thriving community boasting over 450 members.

Beyond the realm of ball hockey, the Mavericks brand has immersed itself in deeper levels of community engagement. The organization takes pride in its diverse coaching staff, which includes both men and women, dedicated to guiding young athletes towards growth and success in their cherished sport. We offer a wide array of sports, from camp programs, Dodgeball, our Soccer Academy (featuring coaching staff certified under the Ontario Soccer Association with a B Coaching Licence), Basketball, Ball Hockey, Ice Hockey, to the exciting addition in 2024: a Softball League. Additionally, we provide counseling services and academic support overseen by OCT certified educators.

Our mission is to lead and support the Muslim community, offering meaningful opportunities for development and progress for all Muslim athletes.

For sponsor and support inquiries, please contact us at info@maltonmavericks.com.