Established in 2009, the Malton Mavericks organization has undergone remarkable expansion, evolving from a small assembly of street ball hockey players into a thriving community of over 450 members.

Beyond the realm of ball hockey, the Mavericks brand has extended its reach into more profound dimensions of community engagement. Presently, the Mavericks organization provides meticulously organized and refereed leagues for both Junior and Senior Mavs, a fully operational soccer academy, counseling services, and academic support overseen by OCT certified educators.

Our aspiration is to empower each Maverick to unlock their true potential. Our objective revolves around shaping the forthcoming generation of budding stars and community influencers, hand in hand with the guidance of our esteemed veterans.

As we persistently garner support and interest, our vision is to harmonize the Maverick name even more closely with our core mission.

For sponsor and support inquiries, please contact us at info@maltonmavericks.com.